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Electrostatic Dust Collector Mop Wand Wall Sweeper Dust Remover Wet or Dry


Thumb Clean Electrostatic sweeper is strong and durable, it assembles in minutes. The slim shape makes it easy to use and to store.

This sweeper tool works on virtually all surfaces,  including hard-to-reach spaces like under refrigerators, stoves and furniture and in difficult areas like staircases and tight corners.

To use, simply attach a dry or wet cloth and guide the sweeper across the surface you wish to clean. In seconds, you will see dust, dirt and hair collect on the textured cloths.



  • For use with dry or wet cloths
  • 360 Degree Swivel for those hard to reach places
  • Strong alloy Handle
  • 3 Handle height adjustments
  • Easy to assemble
  • quick to replace cloths
  • Soft foam base to avoid furniture damage
  • Perfect for: Wood Floors, Tile Floors, Hard to Reach Places and much more!
  • Lightweight (225g)
  • Product Size: Handle Max Size: 1.5m (Adustable) Sweeper Head: 25cm x 10cm

Package Content:

  • x1, x2 or x4, Thumb Clean Sweeper including 8 cloths ( Please choose qty at checkout )

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